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Hydrogen Peroxide Syringes – Home


(1 patient)

The effective and trusted whitening features a pH neutral formula gel, comes in either 2, 5 or 10 syringe packs. Each patient kit can be used for more than 2 weeks.

  • 6% Hydrogen peroxide kit, large 3g syringe pack with re-sealable tips, patient's whitening guide and whitening instructions
  • 12% Hydrogen peroxide syringes, large 3g syringe pack with re-sealable tips (For professional use only, not for use at home)


Option of the Quickwhite tube or standard case packaging.

Available with the option of super seal custom made trays from our Quickwhite lab. These trays are custom made with carved margins for comfort and a super seal allowing for the best whitening results.

Check our special offers for discounts.

These kits can be branded for your surgery, see Branding for more information.

A convenient 2 syringe top-up tube is also available.

Kits with higher peroxide UK/EU allowed limits are for overseas.  For professional use only.

 Product Code: QW6HP
Product Code: QW12HP

These kits do not include Bleaching trays Boil & Bite product code: QWFORMT see whitening consumables

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