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Quickwhite whitening bleaching kits are formulated, designed and made by us Quickwhite in the UK from medical grade materials and peroxide to be effective and economical, enabling practitioners to provide consistent whitening bleaching at a competitive price; all our whitening kits abide to UK & European teeth bleaching regulations and for professional use.  The effective and trusted whitening also features a pH neutral formula.

Below you will find a range of teeth whitening bleaching products for in-surgery procedures, which can be used with or without a laser or light, as well as kits for home whitening available on request with lab made super seal trays.  We are an ISO 13485:2016 company.

“We have found QuickWhite to be very helpful and supportive in putting together our own branded bleaching kits, which look very professional, and much better than the standard off the shelf bleaching kits. It has been very successful – the product is effective and we have had excellent results with both the 10% carbamide peroxide and 6% hydrogen peroxide. The patient feedback is very positive. Thank you”
Dr Jane Willett - Glenside Dental Practice
“Trusted, safe and effective.  For my patients it is only ever Quickwhite whitening for in-surgery and home whitening.”
Dr Gary Fossey - Complete Dental
“We have been using Quick white here within our practices for the last 9 months and we are happy with the results and customer service received from them. The service is quick and efficient.”
Raj Gakhal - The Smile Works
“We have been using QuickWhite’s 6% hydrogen peroxide kits for over two years. Not only is this system incredibly effective and very user friendly, it also comes in smart, pre-packed kits with customized branding.”
Roseneath Dental Practice
“We at St Stephens dental Practice have been using whitening products from Quicklase for about 5 years now. The results are always excellent with many very happy patients using both the in surgery laser assisted technique and the home based mouthguard system.

We are also very pleased to be using the intraoral camera and their Dental laser. We especially like the laser for its ease of use in soft tissue surgery and for in surgery bleaching. It is good to know this is a locally produced device, made in Thanet, Kent.

The service from Quicklase is first class. They are knowledgeable about their products and their use. Their delivery is very fast and the products arrive very well packaged. We are especially keen on their “personally” packaging for my surgery for bleaching syringes. Patients have been very impressed with this as well as the quality of the product and its syringe.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a good, reliable, knowledgeable supplier of bleaching products as well as some high quality dental in surgery equipment.” 

Dr Martin Southon - Practice Principal St Stephens Dental Practice
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